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  • At the entrance of Lighthouse Observatory, which is one of 8 Sokcho Sceneries, you can find Geomungo sculpture that reminds the history. It is another enjoyment for visitors.
Yeonggeumjeong Sunrise Pavilion picture

Yeonggeumjeong Sunrise Pavilion

Located at the entrance of Dongmyeong Harbor, Yeonggeum Pavilion is often visited by citizens of Sokcho as it has great view and close from the city. Actually, you cannot find pavilion at Yeonggeum Pavilion since it is a stone mountain. It received its name from the mysterious and beautiful sound that is made as waves hit the rock, which it is similar to Korean lute, Geomungo. Since the stone mountain was broken due to construction of Sokcho Harbor during Japanese imperialism, now there is wide bedrock and we cannot hear the music as old times. However, yo can enjoy surrounding sceneries and wave sounds at the Sunrise Pavilion that is placed near the beach. Especially, sunrise that you can see from this pavilion floats directly from the sea so you will feel like facing the sun.

Lighthouse Observatory of Yeonggeumjeong Pavilion picture

Lighthouse Observatory of Yeonggeumjeong Pavilion

Yeonggeumjeong Pavilion is a stone mountain, which received its name from the mysterious sound that is made as waves hit the rock, which is similar to Korean lute, Geomungo. During the Japanese imperialism, its rock mountain was cracked for development of Sokcho Harbor. As the result of this harbor construction, a wide bedrock was made as today. You will experience nature’s harmonization at this place by looking at sunrise at Sunrise Pavilion, sightseeing town at the lighthouse and enjoying slopes of Mount Geumgang-san along the coastline.

Lighthouse (Deungdae) Beach picture

Lighthouse (Deungdae) Beach

It is a clean beach that attracts fishermen for all seasons, and is located in the place, where you can see nearby Dongmyeong Live Fish Center, Yeonggeum Pavilion, Sunrise Pavilion, Lighthouse Observatory, which is one of 8 Sokcho sceneries, and Lake Yeongrang. The beach is also near Jangsa Harbor, where the famous "Bare hand squid catch competition" is hosted. Its wide and open sea comforts every visitor to be admired about this place, and is famous as a resting area that attracts people every season.

Jangsahang Port picture

Jangsahang Port

At Sashimi Town, a series of sashimi restaurants stands in a row along the seashore. Since most of these restaurants are general sashimi places rather than typical restaurant in Daepo Harbor that makes sashimi on the spot. Therefore, visitors, who want to try simple sashimi in a calm environment, often visit this harbor. This harbor is not famous as Daepo Harbor, but local residents frequently visits to enjoy sea bathing quietly.

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