Sokcho Beach

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Sokcho Beach
  • Around July 1 - August 31 Dates are subject to change each year
  • When the beach is opened : 033-639-2665
    When the beach is closed : 033-639-2365, 2199
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Sokcho Beach

When you miss sea with coral blue color… When you are tired of your busy life… Blue ocean of Sokcho will give you great scenery of sunrise together with hopes of people longing for a new start. White Foam-capped waves remind us old memories, and will open every visitor’s hearts.

Sokcho Beach is placed in the middle of the city, and you can wet your feet with waves even from the entrance. Beach has length of 1,200m and width of 59m, but a think pine forest is placed behind the beach and there is a camping ground with water supply. Not like other beaches in the East Coast, it has shallow water depth and slope is not very steep, so children can play safely. You can easily travel to Cheoksan Hot Spring or Seorak-dong as it is close, meaning you can enjoy sea bath and then take hot bath in hot spring by going over a hill or climb up Seoraksan.

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Coral & Love StoryInside Sokcho Beach

This sculpture tried to give shape to the fantastic dream of coral reef, dynamic hope of fish and how a shell tries to deliver their dream and hope to us. The promise that is made here will be everlasting until the Sun stops to shine and the sea dries up all its water – now you can promise your love once again.

Oeongchi Beach

Oeongchi Beach located on Daepohang Harbor, which is on clean beach of Seoraksan's foot. It is the only place you can see Jangseung and the view of city, lighthouse, Jo Island and wave in the beach that you can see from its summit is spectacular. In addition, it is a great vacation spot for families as there is a small sized live fish market and you can enjoy reel fishing at the breakwater.

Sokcho City Hall, 183 Jungangro Sokcho, Gangwon State, Republic of Korea, 24826

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