Story of Mermaid Statue

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Story of Mermaid Statue
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Story of Mermaid StatueInside Seorakhang Port

A young diver lady, who lived in the area at the time, had a fiancé, but one day, the fiancé went out to sea for fishing and never returned home due to storm. For three years, the lady sat on this rock on the seashore to remember him and eventually died. Since then, this place became famous among couples as "a seaside village for true love."

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Oeongchihang Port

If you do not like crowded Daepohang Harbor, visit Oeongchihang Port, which is located about 1.5km away from Daepo. Since it hasn't been developed as a tourist attraction yet, its beach is crystal clear and you can experience calm and elegant fisher village. From the summit of Oeongchi, you can view beautiful scenery of Daepohang Harbor’s lighthouse, Jo Island and Sokcho city in a long distance.

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Seorak Sunrise Park of Naemulchi

In Joseon Dynasty, a scholar called Song Shi-yeol with penname of Wooam was exiled from Deokwon of Hamgyeong Province to Geoje Island. He passed this area as he was following the East coastline and stayed here overnight. But, due to excessive rain, he had to stay for a few more days and as he left the village, he named the place as "Mulchi," meaning "village sunken in the water." Harmony of open view to clean East Ocean, sculpture park and sunset that you can see from the gap between pine trees will give you an unforgettable sightseeing

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