Hadomun Ssamchae(Vegetable) Festival

sokcho Hadomun Ssamchae Festival
Hadomun Ssamchae Festival

Hadomun Ssamchae Festival

From Sunrise Park in Seoraksan Entrance, walk in the direction of Seorak-dong and you will find quiet place on the right side called Hadomun Vegetable Village. In the village, 35 fresh vegetables for Ssam (wrapping food with vegetable) are cultivated in every season. Vegetable Festival is organized in every mid-April, when cherry blossom is fully bloomed and you can buy various vegetables, strawberries and tomatoes that are grown in the village in low prices. In addition, various programs invite visitors to attend, which allow people to harvest vegetables, strawberry and tomato, travel around the village with cart (tractor), make natural soap and try to drink green vegetable, strawberry and tomato juices.

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