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sokcho Farm Villages
Farm Villages
  • Ennggol Strawberry Village : 033-635-3338
    Hadomun Vegetable Village : 033-638-3121
    Cheoksan Hot Spring Village : 033-633-7100
Eunggol Strawberry Village picture

Eunggol Strawberry Village

We introduce three places, where you can experience farm village in Sokcho. At Eunggol Strawberry Village, you can harvest strawberries for yourself and has various events such as Christmas Strawberry Festival in winter and Spring Strawberry Festival that is hosted in green May, hen acacia flowers blossom.

Hadomun Vegetable Village picture

Hadomun Vegetable Village

You can visit Vegetable Festival at Hadomun Vegetable Village, which is hosted in time of cherry blossom. You can buy various vegetables for SSam, tomato and strawberry in cheap price. Also, many programs such as vegetable collection, strawberry and tomato harvest and going around the village in cart will attract more visitors.

Cheoksan Hot pring Village

Cheoksan Hot Spring Village provides education programs that any groups or families come and participate. It is a typical farm village that allows you to get away from your busy life and find treasures of nature and share joys of abundant harvest. Also visitors can visit the Footbath Park located near the village for more memories.

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