Exhibition Experience Facilities

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Exhibition Experience Facilities
  • 09:30~18:00 Closed on every Monday (Opens everyday in July–August)
  • 15, Haksapyeong-gil
  • 033-636-3680

Teddy Bear Farm

Among the Ulsanbawi Rocks stand tiny and cute Teddy Bear Farm with lots of teddy bears. The unique museum has climber Teddy on ice and rock cliffs, Teddy catching squids on a boad, Teddy on ski, and a soldier Teddy guarding a GOP, representing the dolls in four season. Enjoy the time with your loved ones, with a little bit of shopping.

Owl Museum picture

Owl MuseumHappy Owl House

As represented in the ‘Shocking of the World’ by SBS, the Happy Owl House presents thousands of artworks on owls, along with fabric artworks by artist Jeong, Hee-ok. Owl is symbol of wisdom and wealth in many countries, and the Happy Owl House will bring the lost dream and passion back again, as the bird made the dreams of the artist come true.

  • 118, Baramkkonmaeul-gil
  • 033)638-8475
  • 10:00~18:00
  • 4,000KRW for adults, 3,000 for school students, 2,000KRW for children (kindergarten students and under)
  • Closes on Mondays (Opens on holidays and vacation seasons)
  • www.happyowlhouse.com
Terra Crab Farm picture

Terra Crab Farm

Terra Crab Farm is the space to take a closer look at the live crabs living in the sea and on the ground, including the red clawed crabs indigenous in Korea. The 826 -wide space is dedicated to the researches and observation of more than 200 thousand crabs including the red clawed crabs and its youngsters. Exhibition Room No. 1 is on the life of the red clawed crabs, Exhibition Room No. 2 presents lifecycle of crabs, and Exhibition Room No. 3 is the Experience Hall where visitors can actually look and touch the live crabs.

  • 16, Haksapyeong-2-gil
  • 033)636-6363
  • 10:00~18:00 (~21:30 in summer)
  • 5,000KRW for adults, 4,000KRW for teenagers, 3,000KRW for children, free for children under the age of 3
  • Opens everyday
  • www.terracrab.com
Alive Heart picture

Alive Heart

The spectacle theme park that will make your heart racing. Alive Heart will give you unique experiences with its trick art works and exciting labyrinth built on 991 wide ground. The 9 themed spaces has combined of Jeju, at Insa-dong.

  • 88, Wonamhaksapyeong-gil
  • 033)633-2004
  • 10:00~18:00(Office closes at 17:00)
  • Opens everyday 12,000KRW~18,000 KRW
  • www.aliveheart.co.kr
Story Bicycle picture

Story Bicycle

Tour narrator will take you to a bicycle ride besides the Yeongnangho lake through Course A from Beombawi Rock to Eco park, or Course B following the lakeshore of Yeongnangho.

  • Course A (10,000KRW) 4km, 30 minutes : Beombawi Rock → Tales of the Yellow and Green Dragons→Eco Park Photo Zone in the Park
  • Course B (15,000KRW) 8km, 60 minutes Yeongnangho → Lawn Yeongnangho Trail
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