Cheoksan Foot Bath Park

sokcho Cheoksan Foot Bath Park
Cheoksan Foot Bath Park
  • Open throughout the year
  • Cheoksan Hot Spring Village : 033-633-7100
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Cheoksan Foot Bath Park

Foot Bath Park in Cheoksan Village provide high quality natural hot spring from 450m underground at 40-50 degrees. From old times, hot spring water in Cheoksan is famous for medical effectiveness and even has a legend that wounded crane healed its wing with the water. Put your feet in Circular Foot Bath and Walking Foot Bath that are part of outdoor foot Bath facilities and be refreshed. You can come and enjoy exciting and unique moment at Experience Village and Foot Bath Park that are hosted by nearby village.

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Seorak Nurigil Road

You can take pleasure in beautiful sceneries while taking wood bathing by walking this 6km-long promenade. If you walk slowly, you will spend about 1hour and 30 minutes starting from the Footbath Park, pass promenade in the National Park, take a rest in Botanic garden, appreciate Wild Flower Path at Baramkkot Village and then return to the Footbath Park to freshen up. It is the best promenade for families as you can frequently find rest pavilions in the promenade.

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